What is hard water?

In order to understand the effects that hard water has on the skin and hair one must first understand what hard water is. “Hard water” is a bit of a misnomer in that the hardness of water is not something that someone can see or feel without the use of tools or chemicals. The term refers to the extra “hard” minerals that are found within the water making it damaging to many appliances as well as the health of one’s skin and hair. Primarily we are talking about calcium and magnesium beyond a certain concentration per gallon. (3.5 grains per gallon to be exact). While this does cause damage to pipes and other appliances the focus of this article is less on the inanimate and more on the effects that hard water has on people themselves.

How does it affect your skin and hair?

While the skin is the largest organ of the human body it is also the most, and hopefully, only visible organ. This helps us to see the damage that hard water can cause and is probably causing without the use of a water softening system. The most common effect of hard water is a dryness of the skin that builds up over time due to a few factors. Firstly, hard water makes it more difficult and at times nigh on possible to remove soap completely from the surface of the skin. That leftover residue then absorbs into the skin over time robbing it of the natural oils and moisture the skin is meant to have. This compounds with the fact that the minerals left behind also absorb into the skin further stealing away from the natural oil the skin is meant to have.

These two effects combined also lead to a second extremely noticeable effect on the skin, the clogging of pores. Not only is this unhealthy and can lead to health issues over time, it also causes breakouts of pimples and black-heads.


Unfortunately the skin isn’t the only part of the human body visibly affected by hard water. Hair is also majorly affected as well. Just as hard water leaves minerals behind on the skin it leaves the same minerals behind in the hair as well and just as soap is left behind on the skin shampoo and conditioner is left behind in the hair. Over time this leads to dryness not only on the scalp (which can lead to dandruff) but also dryness and flakiness in the hair. This will lead to hair feeling dry and straw-like. Eventually this can lead to hair thinning and possibly even falling out entirely!

Sadly, even though the hardness of water is not visible in and of itself the effects are very clearly seen. Luckily there are many solutions available to combat the hardness of water, the best of which are all available through water softening equipment.

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