There is very little argument these days on whether or not filtered or purified water is better for you than non-filtered water, almost everyone universally agrees on this fact. While filtered or purified water isn’t always needed depending on your water quality there is almost never a question about whether or not it is indeed healthier even if not strictly speaking necessary.

The Clear Benefits of Filtered Water

That being said it’s hard to imagine there is any case in which filtered water wouldn’t be the better choice and yet there is on some occasions. There is a difference between filtered water and working water, or drinking water and working water. You see there are many uses in a house for filtered water and not just for drinking. It is important to have filtered water for many things in the house such as cleaning, which filtered water makes much safer and much more effective, sometimes eliminating the need for cleaning products entirely.

Filtered or purified water is also better for cooking and making drinks as it avoids cooking toxins and contaminants into your food or drinks. Filtered or purified water is also important for cleaning ourselves from showers to washing our hands. It helps soap be more effective and keeps it from drying out our skin. Lastly, filtered or purified water is much healthier for us to consume as drinking water.

Beyond Drinking: The Many Household Uses of Filtered Water

These things all seem fairly obvious and a good reason to have water filters in the house or even a whole house filter, there are, however, also circumstances in which it is better to use unfiltered water for what is commonly known as “working water”. Working water is what we would use for things such as watering our plants and lawns or foliage.

We also use this water for cleaning outdoor things such as patios or patio furniture or washing down our driveways. In these cases it would be better not to be using filtered water as filtered water is more expensive to maintain and uses our water conditioner filters on things that do not require filtered water. This will help prolong the life of filters without losing out on any of the extra benefits of using filtered or purified water. This will also keep us from using the entirety of our stored filtered water on processes that do not require it. When having a water conditioner or water filter installed it is always important to ask whether or not you will still have convenient access to unfiltered water for work water purposes.

When Unfiltered Water Makes Sense: Introducing “Working Water”

Of course not all of us necessarily need water filters and the best way to find out if you do is with a water test which are oftentimes freely provided by companies who specialize in water filtration. If any contaminants, toxins, or foreign materials are found there is a good chance that they will be able to provide a filter that would work for you and provide ways to still have unfiltered working water for any tasks that might be needed for.

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