Why We Do What We Do

Over the years water has unfortunately been becoming less and less safe. Sadly this hasn’t only applied to the consumption of water but the uses of it in our lives from cooking to cleaning to using it in our showers. Select Source Water has been in business since 1998 providing services to help purify water and make it clean and safe to use for our customers. These services have been offered locally for many years and we are now expanding to help homeowners all over the country from Beaumont, California to Phoenix, Arizona, all the way to Foley, Alabama.

Over the years Select Source Water has provided services for thousands of families to help supply clean and safe water for many neighborhoods for new and old homeowners alike. The goal has always been to serve our communities and help to do some good in whatever ways we can. With thousands of satisfied customers we have always done our best to satisfy needs and make for a friendly and overall good experience. This has led to our customers leaving hundreds of kind reviews on sites such as Google and Facebook. The goal has always been for every customer to be completely satisfied with the services provided.

As new neighborhoods are constantly being built to support an ever increasing population the same water is used in those neighborhoods being recycled more and more often. Unfortunately, the purification plants in place for helping to clean this water can’t always keep up with the demand leading to more and more chemicals and toxins building up in our water supplies. Select Source Water has always been committed to providing the tools homeowners need in order to ensure that everyone has safe and usable water. Sadly, these tools are oftentimes mis-advertised or severely overpriced and it has always been our goal to provide the services at the most affordable and honest price possible, while still providing a product that serves the purposes required of it.

We have always held that the best business practice is to treat others as we would wish to be treated and that is why the majority of our business is provided by customer referrals from satisfied homeowners all across the country. Our goal is to expand our business in ways that continue to benefit the communities we are a part of and to continue to help supply safe and potable water for all who need it.

Of course every neighborhood needs a different solution and that is why our systems are custom built to the needs of the communities we provide for. Our process always begins with a free water test to show if a system is needed to provide clean and healthy water. With this information we are able to supply custom solutions that will condition and purify your water in the ways that are needed to make it safe for you and your family. We are always happy to provide solutions in any way we can and look forward to providing services to satisfied homeowners and communities for many years to come.


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