There are often many good reasons why someone might want to get a whole house filter for their home. Unfortunately, many water supplies are contaminated by solids, chemicals, and minerals that don’t belong in a water supply. Luckily, there are many solutions available on the market for combating this. The main concern then becomes ensuring that you purchase the right product for your particular needs.

There are two general categories of filters used for purifying or filtering water in homes and those are “point-of-entry” and “point-of-use”. Point-of-use filters are installed where the water exits to be used such as on sink-heads, shower-heads, refrigerator water dispensers, and other faucets. Whereas “point-of-entry” filters are installed where the water enters the home system therefore making it so that all of the water being used in the house has already been pre-filtered.

While both filters are effective when used and installed properly, most generally speaking a “point-of-entry” system is best for whole house filtration as only one system is necessary for filtering and conditioning all of the water throughout the entire house. Even then it is very important to select the right “point-of-entry” system to purify the water in a house and is dependent upon a lot of factors.

One often overlooked factor that always needs to be considered is the flow rate of the appliances throughout your house. If a system is selected that is improperly calibrated or designed for the needs of your house it can lead to many negative effects. Appliances can be broken or flooding may occur. On the less damaging side of things selecting inappropriate equipment can also lead to not having enough water pressure rendering many of your appliances useless or at least extremely inefficient to use.

Another important factor to consider is cost vs. efficacy. Many systems are marketed as being more affordable while not providing anywhere near the service level that is advertised. On the other hand, systems can oftentimes be far overpriced leading homeowners to pay much more than is necessary.

Lastly, and arguably most importantly, one must consider what kind of filters and systems are necessary to filter out the specific minerals, chemicals, and solids that are in the water being conditioned or purified. If an incorrect or ineffective system is purchased for the water being treated a homeowner could find themselves spending large amounts of money on a product that does little or nothing to fix the problem.

While all of this may seem daunting there are many services available to homeowners to select the right product for the job. While independent research and testing is possible there are also companies that will gladly help to test the water and recommend and possibly even provide the correct system for the job. Appointments are generally free for water testing and the systems offered to help correct any issues with the water are most often competitively priced against others on the market.

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