We all know that dehydration can have many negative effects on the human body. Between the headaches, exhaustion, soreness it never feels good to be low on water. As a matter of fact dehydration is what causes the majority of the symptoms of a hangover. Knowing this is one thing, but in order to know how to avoid dehydration, one must know the causes of dehydration.

First and foremost we know that dehydration is simply not having enough water in your system. Therefore the primary cause of dehydration is not drinking enough water or liquid in general. As our bodies are constantly using and losing water we have to be diligent about it constantly, or at least near constantly absorbing more. The easiest way to do this would be to drink water regularly.

There are, however, other ways that we can become dehydrated such as not increasing our water intake to account for increased activity or higher temperatures. There are also many foods that cause dehydration as well by absorbing or using up the water that we have stored in our bodies. One of the primary contributors of this are foods that are very salty or high in sodium. Many of us don’t realize just how many foods contain so much sodium especially in fast foods and other things that are commonly in our diets.

There are also many liquids that we can consume that can also cause dehydration. It sounds counterintuitive to believe that by drinking something we can cause ourselves to be even more dehydrated, but many of the things we drink can be high in sodium or sugar which can lead to dehydration, or at least less hydration than we are expecting. Caffeinated drinks can also cause us to become dehydrated as caffeine forces the water from our bodies at an increased rate.

So while we can increase our hydration with things other than just water it depends on what we are using and water is oftentimes the most dependable source of hydration that we have. It is important to monitor changes in habits that might cause us to be using more water and adjust accordingly. Drinking alcohol to excess, increased exercise or changes in diet can lead to an increased need for water without us realizing it which can lead to unintended health consequences.

However, water only helps us stay hydrated insofar as it is uncontaminated water that will actually lead to benefits rather than causing other consequences. For example unfiltered water can many times have increased saline levels or other chemicals that can lead to the water not hydrating us as much as we might need it too. A simple water test can easily confirm whether or not the drinking water you are consuming in your home is free of these contaminants and will actually help to hydrate us the way we are hoping. If anything is found in the water that could be counteracting those benefits a homeowner could benefit from a water conditioner or water filtration system.

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