Customer empathy allows us to clearly see our customers as real people and not just individuals attempting to navigate through our products or services.   We see our customers as a whole person with day to day problems, emergencies, disappointments, and victories all rolled into one, in other words, human beings with specific requirements to meet their needs.  Our employees are trained to understand there is no “pre-boxed” solutions for any individual problem.  We provide a larger context for how products and solutions fit into the much broader ecosystem of our customers lives, their jobs, and their environment.

When our teams recognize that our product isn’t used in a vacuum it helps them understand the vast set of interdependencies and external factors that impact our customers experience.  It also acknowledges that customers have varying motivations for using a product and different definitions of success; resolving the problem at hand is important, but there is a multitude of factors beyond that achievement playing into overall happiness and satisfaction with our services.

Our culture not only listens to customers but translates that learning into action. We attempt to anticipate customer needs because we see everyone as human beings and not just “customers,” which has lead to growth, and proven loyalty.

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