Our leadership openly and directly embraces integrity. The CEO and all others on our leadership team are powerful role models who set our company’s ethical tone.  They don’t cut corners, follow the rules, and never  ignore bad behavior by top performers, administration staff, or any other person involved in our organization, setting standards gives everyone implicit permission to act the same way. We openly and directly talk about integrity, embrace it as part of our culture, and are ready to do the “right thing,” even if it appears to hurt business in the short run.

Select Source Water makes a point of adding ethics as a dimension to our business decisions. In addition to asking “What does it cost?” and “What’s our profit margin?” we ask about the impact of a product’s supply chain on the on our community, or how the product affects employee health or climate change. We create an environment in which it’s good to talk about ethics, a program designed to create an integrity environment through repetition, or what I call a “constant drumbeat.” Embrace an environment in which values are top of mind in words and deeds.

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