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Water contamination is not United States problem but a global issue. It is rare to find clean and properly filtered water for drinking today. Most people are using water bottles as their solution for drinking water.  Unfortunately, this creates an ever-growing problem that further pollutes the environment with plastics we can’t manage. Fortunately, Select Source Water uses the highest quality water filters on the market eliminating the need to purchase bottled water. The goal to remove harmful chemical compounds and pathogens that trigger discomfort or worse.  Water filters get rid of bacteria, parasites, and chemical elements and contribute to better health.

Sedimentation is usually used to purify water that is heavily laden with solid particles. It is one of the primary purification processes of restoring water to a usable state. The technique uses gravity to remove solid particles from the water.

Reverse Osmosis is one of the techniques used by water filters to purify water. The process is known for producing one of the cleanest and safest water for drinking. These water filters usually work by removing inorganic solids in the water by applying more than the osmotic pressure. This is one of the most effective technologies that most people are now adopting to purify water. It is one of the popular water purification methods with people who love outdoor adventures. The technology uses the ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in the water.

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