Chief Revenue Officer

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As part of this incredible team, my number one job is to bring products to the market that you will use and, if we’ve really nailed it, maybe even love.
And yet, even though our roles are primarily about serving you, we don’t get to speak directly to you as much as we’d like. So, we’re using this platform to give you some insight into our thinking, and to offer you some suggestions on how you can help us make your products even better for you. (And yes, we view them as your products, not ours.) We’re successful only if you’re successful. There are no exceptions to this rule. The first thing we want you to understand is that management is a fierce advocate within our company for your interests — and we are often your biggest supporter.
Which isn’t to say the rest of our organizations aren’t focused on making a great product for you. They are. But other departments within a company oftentimes have other competing agendas: revenue, market share, keeping costs down, developing an impressive story for Wall Street, etc. As a result, we regularly have to fight battles to get your products built in the way we believe will most benefit you. We have to wrangle enough budget. We have to coax our technical teams to develop features in a way that we think will support you better, when they’d prefer a different approach. We have to withstand tremendous pressure from impatient executives or investors, and to convince them to give us a little more time when they’d rather sacrifice functionality to get something out there earning revenue now. You should know we have your back, our customers, the backbone of our business.
Thank you. In the end, we do this for you, because without a customer, there is no management, and we love what we do. So, here’s to continuing a great partnership.

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