We would all like to think that our water is completely safe to drink all of the time, but unfortunately there are many toxins that can find their way into our tap water and drinking water. Of course some of these toxins are more common than others and the vast majority of them are filtered out long before they can find our way into our water in our homes. These, however, are the top five toxins to look out for in your water, and what damages they can cause if not tested for and removed.

The first toxin that can be found in tap water is lead. When lead is in water it can cause a great deal of corrosion and damage to a home. This can be in the pipelines or in the appliances within the home. The home isn’t the only thing that can be damaged by lead, the human body is also extremely susceptible to trace amounts of lead and can easily lead to health issues even in the smallest amounts.

The second toxin that can be found in water very often is chlorine. Chlorine, oddly enough, is in almost every water supply you can think of. This is because chlorine is used to treat certain contaminants in water and also works to make water appear clear and pleasant. Unfortunately, oftentimes too much chlorine is added to our tap water which can cause dryness in the skin and hair.

The third toxin that is often found in water is mercury. Mercury is a liquid metal that is a byproduct of many factories and some farmlands and can be found naturally in deposits. Unfortunately it does find itself in public drinking water and can lead to kidney damage.

The fourth toxin sometimes found in water are pharmaceuticals. These find their way into tap water most often due to improper disposal by large pharmaceutical companies. The damage that this can cause is fairly obvious. One should never be exposed to pharmaceuticals that are not specifically prescribed to them.

Lastly herbicides and pesticides can be found in tap water especially in more rural areas. Runoff from farms or pastures can find its way into groundwater and from there into tap water in sometimes large amounts. While these chemicals are designed to be less harmful to humans, too much can cause damage to the body.

These toxins are always checked for in treatment facilities before being sent out to the water district. However, these toxins can find their way into the water systems after checks at the treatment facilities. The safest and surest way to know that these chemicals are not in your water in dangerous amounts to have a water test. These can be purchased at a store and done by the homeowner but the most accurate way is to have it done by a professional who can then provide potential solutions should any of these toxins be found in your water.


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