We all know that water is good for us, but most of us don’t know all the many things that water does for us in our everyday lives. Here are just a few things that staying hydrated helps us with. Firstly, staying properly hydrated helps us create saliva. Saliva is one of the main things that helps us break down food and keep our mouths clean. If you ever feel like your mouth is drier than usual, there is a good chance that it might be due to not having enough water intake.

Another thing that water helps us with is regulating our core body temperature. Getting overheated can lead to things like exhaustion and heat stroke. In order to regulate temperature our bodies produce sweat and in such environments it is very important that we drink more water in order to keep ourselves from becoming dehydrated or getting overheated. Speaking of exercise and exertion, water also helps protect our joints and tissues. Proper hydration keeps our bodies at peak performance for longer periods of times especially if involved in athletically intense activities. With enough water you will find that your strength and endurance stays higher longer.

Our bodies also build up toxins over time and as byproducts and we need water in order to flush out those toxins. Without enough water those toxins can get trapped inside of our bodies and lead to problems inside of our bodies such as kidney stones or constipation. Another issue that can be caused form not maintaining proper hydration is that of a urinary tract infection which can be very painful and take days or even weeks to recover from at times. Even should one of these issues arise within your body, the solution is often to drink water in order to fix the problems that dehydration originally caused.

Water also helps with digestion. Drinking water while eating helps our bodies break down and process the food that we are eating. This helps our stomachs and intestines process food more effectively. This helps us breakdown food better enabling us to get the fullest amount of vitamins and nutrients. Also speaking of helping with health issues, water can even help us lose weight and it has been hypothesized that it can help as much as having a good diet and proper exercise. It has also been linked with boosting energy which would also go a long way to helping to boost energy and keep us more active.

These benefits are mostly achieved by drinking clean water. Many issues can arise from not drinking purified water such as some of the issues that being dehydrated itself can cause. It is very important to verify that the water you are drinking isn’t contaminated with some of the very toxins you are trying to flush out with the water you are drinking. Water tests done by a professional can confirm your water quality and water conditioning or treatment systems can help correct any problem that might be found.

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