It is common knowledge that water is among the most important things in our lives. As a matter of fact water is one of the few things that we simply cannot live without. Therefore it is very important that we have access to clean sustainable water in every aspect of our lives. One way in which people do this is with filters for water being used in their homes. One of the filters that is quickly becoming very popular is that of shower filters so that the water coming from our showers is filtered and more healthy for our everyday lives. The question is then asked why? Why are more and more people installing shower filters in their homes and is it an effective solution to contaminated water which is becoming more and more common.

The simple answer is, yes. Filters for our showers are a very good tool to have and here is why. Water these days is often contaminated with high amounts of chlorine or other toxins or minerals that are not good for us to consume, but not only are they bad for us to consume in the typical fashion of drinking, they are also damaging when absorbed through our skin and hair. A shower filter is a very effective way to help eliminate a lot of these damaging things in the water while showering. There are of course some cons to having a shower filter instead of a more house wide solution.

One of the problems with a shower filter is that they are very limited in how much water they can process and how well they can purify the water. By necessity a shower filter cannot be a very large appliance and must be able to be applied to the shower head without damaging or limiting its capability. That being said those filters do not contain very large filters and need to be replaced often and cannot always contain all of the mediums necessary for filtering out everything that you are trying to remove.

This isn’t the only issue with only having a shower filter however. A shower filter has to be installed on each individual showerhead and for a household that has more than one shower this can prove rather challenging. Another issue with this is the simple fact that a shower filter only filters the water coming out of your shower and therefore leaves the remaining water being used in your house unfiltered and unpurified. Many homeowners might respond by then buying more filters for other appliances in the home. That however can lead to very high costs by having to purchase many filters for every appliance in the home, along with high maintenance costs while replacing all of these filters.

In many cases it is vastly more effective in both cost and convenience to purchase a whole home filter instead. While shower filters can help they are really only a half-cure when compared to a whole home filter.

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