At Select Source Water, we understand how important it is to provide your family with clean, safe water. That’s why we offer one of the best home water conditioning systems available – whole house filtration. Our system provides a variety of benefits that help protect you and your loved ones from contaminants in your household water supply.

Our whole house filtration system helps protect your family from a variety of contaminants, including chlorine and sediment, by filtering water at the source before it enters your home’s existing plumbing. With our high-quality filter media, this system also helps to reduce unpleasant odors and tastes from your household water supply.

Not only does our whole house filtration system protect you and your family from a variety of contaminants, but it also helps to reduce the amount of soap scum, dirt, and other particles that accumulate in your plumbing system. This helps to extend the life of your appliances and fixtures by reducing wear on internal components.

frequently asked questions

The foolproof way to select a quality filter

We provide high quality solutions with our customers specific needs in mind. Select Source Water uses 3rd party verification of our findings and customizes solutions to fit you and your family's specific needs.

Why should I have my water tested?

If you are experiencing any of the below, you should get your water tested and see the amazing solutions we are able to provide:

    1. Dry hair
    2. Dry Skin
    3. Dull Clothing
    4. Water spots
What makes Select Source Water unique?

We take pride in every system we install. Each unit is professionally installed and built to handle your specific water conditioning needs.  We use 3rd party resources to determine the best way to help you and your family based on your zip code.

What is the cost per year to maintain?

Cost to maintain a system from Select Source Water can vary dependent on gallons used. Based on typical water usage the cost is less than $6 per month

What is the warranty?

We warranty our products for 20 years. All parts and labor are included.  Please speak with a representative for more details.

frequently asked questions

The most effective way to select a quality water conditioning filter

We use the most innovative solutions in the market place ensuring quality and customer satisfaction for the long term.

choose efficiency

We transform ordinary tap water into better water for you and your family.

of lead and asbestos
of chlorine, chloramines
of other harmful contaminants
choose efficiency

We transform ordinary tap water into clean

of lead and asbestos
of chlorine, chloramines
other harmful contaminants

home water solutions

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Free In-Home Water Testing

Take the first step toward better-tasting water with a free water quality analysis from Select Source Water

Water Softening and Filtration


Warranty and Services Plans

- Let us mange the little things so you can enjoy the big things! We provide service and warranty work for many water softener manufacturers along with Select Source Water’s award-winning products.

Glad we got our water softener from Select Source Water! Colby presented an awesome demonstration and he didn’t make us feel pressured into getting the system:) He had us convinced and we don’t regret getting it! Our skin & hair is so much softer. We don’t even need lotion! No more hardwater around our granite countertops either! The drinking water taste so good as well! We are definitely pleased and happy with our purchase! Thanks Colby & Select Source Water!!

Joanne Isaac

What great teammates, they exceeded our expectations. From start to finish their professionalism was a refreshing experience in today’s marketplace. Colby was are original and primary contact, who explained equipment features and benefits, installation process, arranged finacial options and timelines. Jimmy was our installation guru, his artistic talent was on point. His options of equipment placement and installation of our reverse osmosis under sink system, with a pleasant personality showed his concerns for our happiness.

Tommy Yost

We had the honor of working with Colby Robison he set us up with a system & couldn’t have been any happier with our choice to move forward with them my kids skin is doing so much better since switching they have had eczema since they were babies but their skin looks and feels amazing truly happy with our choice. Definitely recommend them awesome team to work with.

Sarah Hernandez

Highly recommend the company, Colby was our first point of contact and he was really informative of what the product was, what it did, and how it was beneficial to not just our skin but the pipes in the house. LeAnn also came to our house and made sure the correct information of the system was given. They Go Above and beyond for customers and don’t pressure you into getting the product even though it is a solid product and should be in every home. Thank You Again!

Nathaniel Miranda

Best company I have ever dealt with. Very professional and knowledgeable about the systems. Gave me and my family exactly what we needed for half the price of other companies. Colby is #1 in my books!! And doesn’t get better than Luis as an installer/person

Gary Carrillo

The team at Select Source provided an overall easy and outstanding experience. With exceptional customer service and a wealth of knowledge regarding the multitude of options for water softeners they created a safe and enjoyable setting. The decision to move forward with Select Source was easy and pleasant. I would certainly recommend their services to anyone looking for a water softener/filter in the Southern California region.

Austin Lauron

We just moved to Beaumont and didn’t know that regular tap water was really hard on your home. We noticed scale build up in the first few weeks of living here. Colby came over and performed a water test and showed us all the build up in regular tap water. We scheduled this a week later and had it installed. What a difference in the first day! The water feels soft and smooth. After a few weeks, you’ll notice just how smooth your skin is! Select Source took care of us from the beginning. Others tried to offer us the most expensive system or never followed up. 5 Stars for Colby and his team! Highly recommended!

Jason Powell

Luis and his partner were very professional and knowledgeable. Did an excellent job explaining and installing our equipment. Super excited! Can already feel the difference in the water. Highly recommend!

Nini B

Mike was really cool. He educated my wife and I with the water softener. He wasn’t pushy or used any sales tactics. He felt real and friendly. I appreciated his personality. The price for the softener was cheaper than any other company out there. He didn’t speak ill of any competitors. If anything, he said great things about other companies, but he spoke highly about Select Source. Our installer, David, was also a really friendly person. He was kind and friendly. A+++++ teamwork for Select Source.

Eric Gonzalez

These guys are awesome! Miguel and James. From the moment we meant them, very detail, very informative and just great customer service. Always checking up on us and ensuring everything is going well. Highly recommend the product. We love the water softener. You can really feel and taste the difference


Had the pleasure on meeting Colby Robinson in his office and was able to talk to him about the water system. Colby was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions about the system and how it works. He was even able to run numbers with me to be able to finance the system and make it more affordable and with a more comfortable payment plan.  He even keeps in touch by providing you with his personal info just incase you have any questions about the system which brings relief to me.

Pedro Flores

Had the opportunity to meet Colby. A very respectful, kind, and professional gentleman! He went to visit our home to do a quick and thorough presentation of Select Source Water. I was very impressed. I chose the long term package which added value to our home. I then met Luis who installed everything. He gave me very easy instructions on how to use the system and its maintenance.

Eddie N

Highly recommend this company. They installed promptly and quickly. We asked a thousand questions and Jeff was very informative. Daniel was kind, great service which prompted me to give them our business. 100% glad we did.

Ebony Perry

They won’t pressure you into buying their product and it won’t disappoint. Available alkaline water dispenser option is cool and convenient not having to deal with refilling containers at my old water spot. Washing my car was easier too. Shout out to Ronnie and his team for their help setting my family up with the water filtration system!

Kristoffer “Bugo” Gaffud

The team at Select Source Water are awesome. Not only have they been helpful from the start, they have never pressured me or my family to leave reviews, upgrade our system or given ya bum scoop on the system. Super responsive and respectful folks. They even do in person follow ups with customers to make sure they’re happy with the install/system. Ronnie was our sales agent and Luis was the plumber/installer, they’re both great guys. Thanks

Jo B-nax

We had a great experience! We LOVE the water!! I didn’t know how bad our water was until after this system was installed. Life changing!!’ Jeff was very knowledgeable about the system and we appreciate the follow up from Daniel. 100% recommend:)

Michelle D. Sierra

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