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Transparency in Every STEP

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Verify our active Arizona Registrar of Contractors for your peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have my water tested?

Understanding the quality of your water is crucial, especially if you're noticing issues that affect your daily life. A water test can reveal a lot about what's in your water and how it's impacting you. If you're experiencing any of the following, it's a sign that your water may have underlying problems:

Dry Hair: If your hair feels consistently dry or brittle, it could be due to hard water minerals stripping away natural oils.

Dry Skin: Similar to hair, hard water can leave your skin feeling dry and itchy by removing essential moisture.

Dull Clothing: The minerals in hard water can affect laundry, leading to faded colors and a less vibrant appearance of your clothes.

Water Spots: Mineral residues left on dishes and fixtures are a clear sign of hard water.

Getting your water tested is the first step in addressing these issues. It allows us to tailor a solution specifically for your home, ensuring not just improved water quality, but also enhancing your overall quality of life. Discover the amazing solutions we can provide to turn these everyday frustrations into a thing of the past.

What makes Select Source Water Systems different from others?

Select Source Water stands out with its customized approach to water filtration. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, our systems are designed based on a detailed analysis of your home's water, ensuring you get a solution that's perfectly matched to your needs.

Our advanced technology effectively tackles a wide range of contaminants, offering unparalleled water purity and softness.

What is the cost per year to maintain?

The annual maintenance cost for a Select Source Water system is designed to be both affordable and transparent. While the exact cost can vary depending on your specific water usage, on average, homeowners spend less than $6 per month.

This nominal investment ensures that your system continues to operate at peak efficiency, providing your home with consistently pure and soft water. Considering the typical water usage patterns, most families find that the cost of maintaining their Select Source Water system is significantly lower than other water treatment options, making it not only an effective solution for your water needs but also an economical one for the long term.

In essence, for just a small monthly expense, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your water is always safe, clean, and soft – a small price for such significant everyday benefits.

How often do the filters need to be replaced?

The lifespan of our filters varies based on water usage and local water conditions. Generally, our filters have a longer lifespan compared to standard filters, minimizing maintenance and ensuring consistent water quality.

We provide clear guidelines and reminders for filter replacement, making maintenance hassle-free.

Can your system handle water from different sources like wells or city water?

Yes, our systems are versatile and can be customized for different water sources, whether it's well water or city water.

We adjust the filtration and softening process to effectively treat the specific contaminants and conditions of your water source, ensuring optimal purification.

Is there a warranty?

Absolutely, we stand firmly behind the quality and durability of our products with a robust lifetime warranty. This comprehensive coverage includes all parts and labor, ensuring that your investment in a Select Source Water system is protected for the long haul.

Our warranty is a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. It's designed to give you complete peace of mind, knowing that any issues you might encounter will be promptly and effectively resolved, without any additional cost to you.

For detailed information about the specifics of our warranty, including coverage and claim processes, we encourage you to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives. They can provide tailored information to fit your particular needs and help you understand the full value of your Select Source Water system.

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