Hard water is not only the cause of frequent breakdowns of household appliances but also a danger to your family since magnesium and calcium dissolved in water can cause many different issues. The HYGIA is designed to protect your family against hard water damage and chemically treated water


Our Dual tank technology is designed to remove 99% of all hardness and chemicals reported by your water district. These units are uniquely designed, including the filtration media, to remove each chemical and mineral contaminant. These units are fully warranted for the lifetime you spend in your home.


Our HYGIA ECO transforms dissolved minerals in hard water, such as calcium and magnesium, to help prevent lime scale from adhering to metal surfaces in your building’s plumbing infrastructure.
TAC Media( Salt Free)

With water filtration, it is of the upmost importance to follow regulations and ordinances cities will place on the processing of household water filtration or conditioning.  For cities that forbid the use of salt, TAC media is a great solution.

Template Assisted Crystalization (TAC) technology which serve as a powerful catalyst for the formation of nano-crystals of calcium and magnesium carbonate that remain suspended in solution instead of forming hard mineral scale on surfaces.

TAC media starts out as polymeric beads (resin) in the 20 to 40 mesh size range. Catalytically active sites, or templates, are “imprinted” or coated on bead surfaces through a batch- coating process.

This USA-Made ScaleNet Media has a life of 3 to 5 years based on hardness and chlorine levels. Prefiltration is also recommended for hydrogen sulfide, iron, and manganese.

Potassium Sulfate

These systems require discharge of water after regeneration of “cleaning” the system.  Potassium can be discharged from a sprinkler system into a garden, yard, flower bed as well as any other substance that benefits from fertilizer.  Potassium is a main ingredient in these substances.

According to FDA spokesperson Nathan Arnold, choosing potassium chloride salt as a replacement for table salt has several associated health benefits, namely that it reduces sodium intake and increases potassium intake.

An additional benefit of potassium chloride is the impact on sodium in drinking water. Studies have found that softening water with potassium chloride does not add sodium to drinking water, and will also remove up to 90 percent of the existing sodium from the water

Salt-Based Water Softener

Because salt-based water softeners actually remove the hardness causing minerals from the water, they outperform the salt-free systems. All of the advantages of softened water are present in a salt-based system: no scaling on fixtures or appliances, bright and hydrated hair and skin, spot-free dishes, bright and soft clothes, and less soap use across the home. Other long term benefits include more efficient and longer-lasting appliances as well as less repairs and plumbing maintenance.

Water hardness results from excess mineral content in the water, like calcium and magnesium. A salt-based water softener removes those minerals, thus lowering the hardness and creating softer water. On the other hand, a salt-free system works by crystallizing calcium, but not removing it.

Think of salt as the fuel that powers your water softening system. The salt is used during the regeneration process to rid the resin beads of all captured hard water minerals.

Hygia +
About the Hygia+





  • Dual tank technology
  • Manufactured in Southern California
  • Carbon and Filtration total over 3′ cubic feet of media
  • 95% of all components produced in U.S.A
  • 25 year complete warranty
  • Salt and other deliveries made free of service fees
  • Up to 10 Stages of filtration if required
  • Up to 196,000 grain systems
About the Hygia





  • Single tank technology
  • Manufactured in Southern California
  • Carbon and Filtration total over 1 1/2 ‘ cubic feet of media
  • 95% of all components produced in U.S.A
  • 10 year complete warranty
  • Potassium and other deliveries made free of service fees
  • Up to 5 Stages of filtration if required
  • Up to 96,000 grain systems
hygia single
hygia eco
About the Hygia ECO





  • Salt Free System
  • Dual tank technology
  • Manufactured in Southern California
  • TAC Media replacement
  • GAC replacement
  • 95% of all components produced in U.S.A
  • 5 year complete warranty
  • No maintenance required
  • Up to 10 Stages of filtration if required
  • Up to 196,000 grain systems
frequently asked questions

foolproof way to select a quality system

We provide high quality solutions with our customers specific needs in mind. Select Source Water uses 3rd party verification of our findings and customizes solutions to fit you and your family's specific needs.

Why should I have my water tested?

If you are experiencing any of the below, you should get your water tested and see the amazing solutions we are able to provide:

    1. Dry hair
    2. Dry Skin
    3. Dull Clothing
    4. Water spots
What makes Select Source Water unique?

We take pride in every system we install. Each unit is professionally installed and built to handle your specific water conditioning needs.  We use 3rd party resources to determine the best way to help you and your family based on your zip code.

What is the cost per year to maintain?

Cost to maintain a system from Select Source Water can vary dependent on gallons used. Based on typical water usage the cost is less than $6 per month

What is the warranty?

We warranty our products for 20 years. All parts and labor are included.  Please speak with a representative for more details.

frequently asked questions

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We use the most innovative solutions in the market place ensuring quality and customer satisfaction for the long term.

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Eric GonzalezEric Gonzalez
00:07 01 Feb 23
Mike was really cool. He educated my wife and I with the water softener. He wasn't pushy or used any sales tactics. He felt real and friendly. I appreciated his personality. The price for the softener was cheaper than any other company out there. He didn't speak ill of any competitors. If anything, he said great things about other companies, but he spoke highly about Select Source. Our installer, David, was also a really friendly person. He was kind and friendly. A+++++ teamwork for Select Source.
P1 M0R3N0P1 M0R3N0
20:32 28 Jan 23
These guys are awesome! Miguel and James. From the moment we meant them, very detail, very informative and just great customer service. Always checking up on us and ensuring everything is going well. Highly recommend the product. We love the water softener. You can really feel and taste the difference
Eddie NEddie N
21:27 08 Oct 22
Had the opportunity to meet Colby. A very respectful, kind, and professional gentleman! He went to visit our home to do a quick and thorough presentation of Select Source Water. I was very impressed. I chose the long term package which added value to our home. I then met Luis who installed everything. He gave me very easy instructions on how to use the system and its maintenance.I’m very thankful for their awesome service! There is huge difference in the quality of water now. So for great service, good quality water at its finest, and have the option to pay in full or installments at a very affordable price.. I highly recommend Select Source Water to friends and love ones. 👍🏽
Nini BNini B
00:20 02 Sep 22
Luis and his partner were very professional and knowledgeable. Did an excellent job explaining and installing our equipment. Super excited! Can already feel the difference in the water. Highly recommend!
Jason PowellJason Powell
22:05 01 Sep 22
We just moved to Beaumont and didn't know that regular tap water was really hard on your home. We noticed scale build up in the first few weeks of living here. Colby came over and performed a water test and showed us all the build up in regular tap water. He quoted us a system for our home and household size. We scheduled this a week later and had it installed. What a difference in the first day! The water feels soft and smooth. After a few weeks, you'll notice just how smooth your skin is! Dishes had water spots and no longer do. Select Source took care of us from the beginning. Others tried to offer us the most expensive system or never followed up. 5 Stars for Colby and his team! Highly recommended!

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