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Our highly rated Premier Series Water Softener provides 99.6% scale prevention without the use of chemicals, self cleaning, and ensures you have zero drop in water pressure throughout your home. Unlike traditional salt-based systems, the Premier Series Water Softening system self cleans, and regulates the amount of brine used making this unit ideal for every family member. Eliminate scale, extend the life of your appliances and make cleaning easier today! Add the benefit of clean conditioned water plus softening with our Whole House Water Filter & Softener Combo System today!

Our Water Softener Benefits

Select Source Water developed the Premier Series water softener system much different from other systems you see on the market today. From our proprietary media, to the interior tank design, the Premier Series system outperforms every other system in the industry. Through years of trial and error, we’re confident that we are the future of water softening/conditioning systems.

Here's How it Works

Salt-based water softeners use a process called ion exchange to remove hard water minerals, chemicals, and other harmful contaminants. This process converts the hardness-causing minerals in the water to a hardness crystal that won’t attach to any surface in your home, keeping your appliances and hot water heaters free of hard water scale build up. We are one of the few manufacturers who use premium certified components giving your system optimum performance with reliability and durability. With over 25 years experience in water quality and a strong conviction that every family deserves the absolute purest water available.
Prevents & Cleans Existing Scale

Hard water is a result of mineral build up as well as one of the biggest issues when it comes to your home’s plumbing and appliances.  Using our Premier Series System will extend the life of your household appliances by reversing the damaging effects of corrosion and you will no longer will need to use harsh chemicals and other damages products to clean and protect your biggest investments- your family and your home.

No Drop in Water Pressure

Premier Series- UP TO 34 G.P.M
New Home Regulator Settings- 18 to 20 G.P.M
Competitors- 12 to 16 G.P.M.




What’s the point of purchasing a water system, installing it, and getting great tasting water if you’re going to have drop in water pressure?  That’s why at Select Source Water, we build our systems based on the number of gallons used based on the number of adults you have in your home to ensure you get no drop in water pressure.

Remember the importance of water pressure.  Make sure you’re not creating a new issue by solving another.



Hardness in water is an unfortunately common problem in the USA especially in densely populated areas. In many neighborhoods the hardness can exceed 10.5 gpg (grains per gallon) all the way up the range of 40 gpg or higher! This can lead to many long term issues for both your health and your home. Check out our blog on the consequences of hard water for more information…

Hard Water Effects